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No two companies are the same, every situation is unique. Our approach is aimed at, on the basis of the many available customer cases, supporting you in a variety of different consulting roles to realize your company targets. We provide a thorough knowledge of the latest Oracle technology, products and IT trends. What makes us unique is the fact that we always adopt a business perspective. To give you an impression of the wide range of services we provide, we present an overview of what are currently the most popular themes in our service portfolio.

Oracle Service Providers

In terms of utilization, it is very important to Oracle Service Providers to align the knowledge and expertise of their population with market demand, preferably proactively rather than reactively. That is why, for the past 15 years, A New link has been a sounding board and sparring partner for the development of their policy. In addition to possessing the right knowledge, service providers need to make sure that their knowledge is applied as effectively as possible in the projects they carry out. A New Link plays a crucial role in this respect by [Read more…]

Enterprise Architecture

Companies that develop all the aspects regarding their information flows in a coherent way are much less likely to be faced with unexpected high ICT costs as a result of rigid, non-lasting ICT solutions. On the contrast: Enterprise Architecture makes it possible to provide future-proof solutions with a short time-to-market that are completely in line with what is needed. A New Link provides the best architects to realize this ‘Working under Enterprise Architecture’. [Read more…]

Engineered Systems: Exadata, Exalogic, Exalytics en Big Data Appliance

Since 2008 Oracle has been adding new members to the family of so-called 'Engineered Systems' almost on a yearly basis. Like Apple redefined the market for integrated hard and softwaresolutions for consumers, Oracle is doing exact the same thing targeting the Enterprise market. This is not just some kind of new generation of hardware combined with new software. [Read more…]

Oracle Health Insurance (OHI) / OpenCare

In the Dutch Healthcare market, there is a lack of Oracle specialists. A New Link provides expertise to meet this demand. Together with the Care Division of Oracle itself, our employees are among the most knowledgeabl in the market.Some of them have been involved since 1992 with the developments of OHI or they have even contributed as architects to its initial design. [Read more…]

ICT Management

In order 'to do things right', IT departments have often embraced a variety of methods, like Prince2 for project management and DSDM or Agile for system development. To ‘do the right things', however, requires a overarching approach - a meta-framework - in which all these methods are incorporated. And more importantly: in which the blind spots become clear that require further attention. Cobit is the de facto framework to do so. A New Link can help your organization to apply COBIT quickly and where you need it. [Read more…]

Business IT Alignment

When it comes to Business/IT Alignment - defined as the extent to which IT contributes to realizing the business objectives - most Dutch companies have much room for improvement. There are a number of studies that have looked at the cause of the gap between business and IT and at how this gap can be reduced. Based on scientific research, A New Link has developed a practical approach, with steps that range from ‘low hanging fruit’ to ‘best in class’. Our consultants are happy to help you set up and implement a strategic plan that will increase the business performance of your IT. [Read more…]

Community of Oracle Professionals

For a long time, Oracle and A New Link have had a steady relationship when it comes to knowledge-sharing. As a result, we are informed about Oracle Corporation's new R&D developments at a very early stage. Of course, a lasting relationship requires equality. That equality is based on the value that our knowledge represents to Oracle. Our trendwatching activities, combined with our market knowledge, enables us to provide invaluable information for the inception phase of new products and services. Needless to say, we are keen to share our knowledge with the community of Oracle Professionals, through publications in the printed media (trade journals) and the freely downloadable publications on our website, and by speaking on seminars by leading organizers in the country in which they operate. [Read more…]

Oracle Training institutes

Thanks to our unique position - right at the top of the knowledge pyramid - we form a perfect eco-system with other parties in ICT. We often develop training material and/or provide lectures at the large Oracle training institutes in the Netherlands: Oracle University, Transfer Solutions and Vijfhart. In addition, on request we are able to provide these courses onsite at our customers. [Read more…]

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